Calling All Writers: Publish Your Work

There are many individuals in modern society that are naturally gifted and talented in the art of storytelling. There are those who are thoroughly gifted with making language sound beautiful and creating imagery, through text, that can

How To Protect Your Writing with Copyright

It can often be seen in industries within the arts that there are constantly issues surrounding the copyright of a piece of work. Nowadays, there are so many ideas that are manifesting all over the world that

Writers Guide: Submit Work to Publishers

There are multiple requirements that need to be seriously developed before submitting your work to publishers in the hope of getting signed on as a client. When you’re putting together your proposal there are a few facets

Professional Writers: Using an Agent

Choosing an agent may be one of the more important decisions that you make about the directionality of your work. Depending on the type of writing that you do, the choice of agent can be the point

The First Steps to Success in Writing

Research, as mentioned, is vital to the success of your writing in regards to gaining a readership and publishing your work. It is important to know the category in which your piece of work will fall. Fiction

Reading and Writing: So Many Options!

If you are someone who loves to read books or even someone who loves to write books, the format for literature has taken a dynamic shift in the technological age. Many databases provide some of the most

An Evolution in Publishing

The online platform has changed the way that people do business, get educated and spend their leisure time. Nowadays, it has become more and more relevant for the arts to become rooted in online venues. Working as

Self Publishing: Tips and Tricks

Many people run into barriers trying to sell a manuscript that has already been written. Nowadays there are so many different successful authors that new literature needs a surefire hook to grab the attention of readers and