Using a Bachelor’s to Boost Your Writing Career

The writers’ careers have seen a significant boost in the last few years. So did the number of students that apply for a bachelor in English literature. Many talented writers have learnt to adjust the writing style

Keeping Your Head up and Accepting Publishing Rejections

It is not only new writers that have to face rejection, but it can happen to a seasoned writer as well. How well you handle this rejection can set the path for your future career as an

How to Write the Perfect Pitch?

If you are a writer, and have just finished writing a non-fiction book, composing an appealing pitch is an indispensable part of your writing skill. However, writers tend to procrastinate over this and the main reason is

Easy Options for Self Publishing

The literature industry has been struggling, and especially for authors, the technological advances have helped replace the hard copy of books and changed the habit of regular reading. New authors are having a harder time trying to

Improve Your Creative Writing Skills With a Bachelor In English Literature

Improving one’s writing skills is all about one thing: practice. A good tip is to do “freestyle writing” for 20 minutes a day, rain or shine. This is a particularly good technique if you’re suffering from a

Calling All Writers: Publish Your Work

There are many individuals in modern society that are naturally gifted and talented in the art of storytelling. There are those who are thoroughly gifted with making language sound beautiful and creating imagery, through text, that can

How To Protect Your Writing with Copyright

It can often be seen in industries within the arts that there are constantly issues surrounding the copyright of a piece of work. Nowadays, there are so many ideas that are manifesting all over the world that

Writers Guide: Submit Work to Publishers

There are multiple requirements that need to be seriously developed before submitting your work to publishers in the hope of getting signed on as a client. When you’re putting together your proposal there are a few facets

Professional Writers: Using an Agent

Choosing an agent may be one of the more important decisions that you make about the directionality of your work. Depending on the type of writing that you do, the choice of agent can be the point

The First Steps to Success in Writing

Research, as mentioned, is vital to the success of your writing in regards to gaining a readership and publishing your work. It is important to know the category in which your piece of work will fall. Fiction