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25 Nov 2016

Using a Bachelor’s to Boost Your Writing Career

The writers’ careers have seen a significant boost in the last few years. So did the number of students that apply for a bachelor in English literature. Many talented writers have learnt to adjust the writing style
24 Nov 2016

Keeping Your Head up and Accepting Publishing Rejections

It is not only new writers that have to face rejection, but it can happen to a seasoned writer as well. How well you handle this rejection can set the path for your future career as an
23 Nov 2016

How to Write the Perfect Pitch?

If you are a writer, and have just finished writing a non-fiction book, composing an appealing pitch is an indispensable part of your writing skill. However, writers tend to procrastinate over this and the main reason is
22 Nov 2016

Easy Options for Self Publishing

The literature industry has been struggling, and especially for authors, the technological advances have helped replace the hard copy of books and changed the habit of regular reading. New authors are having a harder time trying to