Improve Your Creative Writing Skills With a Bachelor In English Literature

Improving one’s writing skills is all about one thing: practice. A good tip is to do “freestyle writing” for 20 minutes a day, rain or shine. This is a particularly good technique if you’re suffering from a writing block. Because even though you might not be able to write about the thing you are supposed to be writing about, you’ll still be able to write about something at all. You can of course also apply to writing courses to help you with your writing, but you should still try and practise as much as you can by yourself.

shutterstock_142497616Study English Literature

Do you love literature and have a great pen to match? Then a Bachelor in English Literature might be the right choice for you. But remember! You must also have an analytical mind, as the studies focus heavily on literature analysis. You might have to tear your favorite book to shreds, and be okay with it. But you’ll also get to know new literature that will open up your eyes, as well as great professors and co-students interested in the same things as yourself. If you love the English language, then you should absolutely look into universities offering English Literature as a major.

Internships – a great opportunity

For anyone with a Bachelor in English Literature it can be a good idea to think about interning. Internships are great opportunities for getting real life work experience. If you want to work at a publishing house after you finish your studies, then an internship will be an especially good idea. The reason for this is that internships tend to build your professional network. And a great network is the key for getting that dream job. In addition, the internship will build your understanding of the industry, and look great on your resume straight out of university.