Keeping Your Head up and Accepting Publishing Rejections

It is not only new writeimagesrs that have to face rejection, but it can happen to a seasoned writer as well. How well you handle this rejection can set the path for your future career as an author. Nobody likes to be rejected in anything that they do, but when an author has put his heart and soul in the project and feels that he has a master piece in his creation only to have it turned down it, can be momentarily devastating.

After taking a deep breath and coming to grips with the fact that your piece has been rejected, you now have the task of overcoming this disappointment ahead of you. What you may want to do is give yourself a grieving period of time to dwell on this disappointment and then shake this feeling off, and go on to the next step. This should be to determine just what led to this situation to begin with. It may now lead you to a decision crossroads: whether you need to sideline that piece of writing and start afresh or you need to take a new approach with it and develop it for re-submission.

Along with your rejection, hopefully you got some rejection feedback also which you can now take from being a negative point and turn it into a positive. View it as being constructive feedback that you can now learn from and that will only serve to better you with not only this particular piece if you choose to do so, but with your future writings as well.

Most experts will suggest that you should never give up on your work and totally abandon your project. It is important to try and separate yourself from your piece so that you are not taking this rejection personally. You can take what now appears to be a bad situation and turn it into a good one with a proper approach by handling your rejection.

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