Self Publishing: Tips and Tricks

Many people run into barriers trying to sell a manuscript that has already been written. Nowadays there are so many different successful authors that new literature needs a surefire hook to grab the attention of readers and customers. In orletters-1161946_960_720der to ensure that your manuscript makes it into the bookstores where people will be buying them, you’ll need to be partnered with a publishing company. Luckily, even if you are not chosen for partnership by a publishing company there are some self publishing options that you can surely explore.

Self Publishing Your Work

When you take on self publishing your work, you are in turn taking on all of the work and duties that the publishing company would have provided you. Publishers often have many options open to them and can easily manage a timeline for release of a book. When self publishing, it is essential to understand the timeline will be extended and things will not happen for you overnight, but with thoughtful and deliberate action there have been massive successes in self publishing.

Have a clear definition of what you consider successful for your writing as exposure, recognition and financial success are only a few of the avenues in which success can be measured. Make yourself part of the world within your genre and create some visibility to those who would read similar books to your work. Creating a presence and recognition will be the first step in ensuring a readership prior to investing in actual print materials.

Make a thorough plan as there are multiple avenues to explore, including online databases, international readership and translation services. Publishers offer many more services than you could get to on your own so it is essential to prioritize your investments and develop a marketing plan. When working in self publishing, do not underestimate yourself or the work necessary for success.