The First Steps to Success in Writing

Research, as mentioned, is vital to the success of your writing in regards to gaining a readership and publishing your work. It is important to know the category in which your piece of work will fall. Fiction genres include young adult, erotica, mystery, crime and so many others. Non fiction works are some of the most popular nowadays as they often provide self help, advice, instructions or memoirs of true events. Obtaining a publisher or agent who is adept in your genre will make it easier to obtain popularity.

Research, Research, Research

Once you have found the proper publisher or agent that is appropriate for your work, you will need to meet their requirements for them to consider you. Access your commercial audience and develop lists of stores and/or propositions for the places that would be able to sell your work. It is important to remember that art is a business and professionals are writing-1149962_960_720looking to support someone who will provide a return for their company and for yourself. When you investigate the requirements for publishers, you will see some of the more difficult pieces of work to obtain a return on investment. Without compromising any artistic integrity, you may want to consider adjusting your work to compensate for some of the points that make writing difficult to sell for agents and publishing companies.

Some writing is only successful because of the author’s platform and it is important to develop the author identity for marketing as well as the writing. Develop a unique hook to your story and to you as an author that will spark the interest of your targeted community. Ensure that your piece is the proper length for the purpose of your work and try not to claim expertise in areas where you don’t have any. All of these steps will ensure that when you write your proposal the focus is not highlighting your personal goals, but on the overall goals of the publishing company.