Writers Guide: Submit Work to Publishers

There are multiple requirements that need to be seriously developed before submitting your work to publishers in the hope of getting signed on as a client. When you’re putting together your proposal there are a few facets that are most important to thoroughly plan and develop. Publishers would like you to have a well written submission that includes an introductory letter, a summary, a book proposal, story proposal and some sample writing from your piece. This should be a quality piece of work that outlines your work and there should be a fair amount of time allotted to completing it.

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There are multiple focuses for the publisher when looking over a submission from a writer and some of the most successful facets include the way you portray yourself as well as the way you sell your writing. The introductory letter should give a sense of your work and explain why the company should invest in more writing from you as an author. It is important to show your expertise while intriguing the publishers to persuade them into investing. If you explain your capability for work and success clearly, the publisher is likely to respond and ask for a full submission.

Publishing companies will usually take these proposals and from time to time, you will hear a response on whether they want more or not. When you receive a positive response, you will be asked to provide more samples of your writing. These should be a portion of the manuscript as opposed to the entire piece of work highlighted with a separate proposal. Sample work is important for the publisher to see what genre the work should truly be marketed. You can use the opportunities to change or adapt your methods or become more creative within the proposal, while still retaining a professional tone.